Blog - Bitcoin close to 20K all-time high

Bitcoin close to 20K all-time high

Written by Luke Larsen

Posted on 25th Nov 2020

Bitcoin continues to climb amidst the choas and confusion of a global pandemic and the reactions the governments have had to it. It seems that people are looking at bitcoin as a way to hedge against the reactions that governments, or market may still make due to the pandemic.These reactions such as the shutting down of buisnesses and printing of money to stimulate the economy may have people looking at buying into precious metals and bitcoin as a way to keep their wealth against the inflation that we may see come in the near future. As people continue to react to the ever shifting economy and government regulations bitcoin seems a safe place to put some of there money. Remember to do your own investigation before investing or using any of your money. We here at Pyrin are not finantial advisers we just want to alert users to some of the changes happening and where they can get some more information. As well as how you can get bitcoin for free!

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