Blog - Our New Discord!

Our New Discord!

Written by Tim D

Posted on 23rd Sep 2020

Hello Pyrin Community!

As you may have noticed we have opened up a new discord server for all things Pyrin!
New Update information will be posted there first before any other platform so you'll be able to stay up to date on all the latest tweaks and features!

Whats in the Discord server aside from that?

We will be hosting crypto giveaways for members in the server along with giving members the ability to apply as a moderator on the server! Not only that but Discord
is the first place we will look to find testers for New Features before we officially release them! (This can come with a reward too!)
The Discord server is also the easiest way to contact an Admin of the site if you run into any issues or bugs, we also have a suggestions channel for all of your great ideas
on helping pyrin and the community grow!

The Pyrin Team is always on the look out for members who are active in the server and help others out! IF we notice that you are being an extraordinary member we may decide
to give you the Valued member role that unlocks private giveaways and puts you on our list as a first contact when we are in need of testing! More and better perks will be added
to the role as the server grows and we know what people in the server are looking for and want as rewards!

As you can see the new Discord server is a fun new addition to the network that allows you, as a member, to contribute to an ever expanding and growing site as well as earn extra rewards while your at it!
So make sure to join in and check it out! Who knows, maybe youll even find some new friends!

-The Admins at Pyrin