Blog - TRBO The Coin That Came Back From The Grave!

TRBO The Coin That Came Back From The Grave!

Written by Tim D

Posted on 2nd Sep 2020

TRBO may not be a coin that you have heard much about and if you have heard of it, it may not have been very appealing to you a couple months back.

The coin had a rough start in 2017 it's original team abandoned it and it was left for dead!

Everything changed in 2018 though! A new fresh team picked up the coin reimmagined its possibilities and revived TRBO's code!
The new team created a task based website (Click here) that only uses TRBO as a payout method and advertised the coins staking and masternode abilities as well as creating partnerships
with exchanges like Stakecube and Altilly!

More Info On TRBO

TRBO is a staking and Masternode based coin it uses a consensus algorithm called Proof Of Stake that validates blockchain transactions by distributing "Mining power" on the network based on how much of the coin they hold.
For example: If you owned 10% of the total supply of TRBO you would theoretically be catching and validating 10% of all of the transactions on the blockchain.
The blockchain then generates a reward for the wallet or masternode that catches and validates a block currently 1650 TRBO for staking wallets and 3650 TRBO for masternodes.
As you can see owning and running a masternode can be more profitable than regular hard-wallet stakeing although to own a masternode you need to give up 5 million TRBO as collateral. This means that you have to lock 5 million TRBO to start receiving masternode rewards while the TRBO is locked you will recieve higher rewards but if you choose to unlock the coins then you will no longer have a masternode running on the blockchain. In short youll be able to use your coins rightaway at any time for a lower reward or you can commit to locking your coins for a higher reward.

More info about TRBO can be found here