Blog - updates ~ 8/24/2019 updates ~ 8/24/2019

Written by Luke Larsen

Posted on 24th Aug 2019

Due to issues with bots and other problems of the sort a few changes have been made to our system. 

These changes are the new implementation of email verification and the fact that you can no longer change your accounts email address. These are set in place to prevent boting accounts from being created, they are also here to help give more rewards to real people. The new policy will make it so that you must confirm your email in order for you to withdraw to your faucet hub account. We also are no longer allowing throw-away emails to be used to create accounts on the site. We are sorry for any problems this may cause. Thank you for using pyrin. In the future, we wish to give these updates ahead of time but due to the time-sensitive nature, we had to change it quickly.


If you have a problem or need help you can contact us at [email protected]